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My name is Kameel Alrayes
I’m a photographer.

I am a professional photographer based in Lebanon, I am so lucky to be born in Lebanon and I feel so grateful to live in this endlessly beautiful country.
When I first discovered photography, I found my passion in a way I could express my ideas without the constraints of the spoken or written words. I am now able to use my photography to articulate myself through images. I have developed my abilities in aerial, portrait as well as landscape photography.

Recently, it was an honor to be chosen as a sole candidate to represent my country being a member of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.
I have been the proud owner of “Jarir”, printing company for the last ten years. I have owned this enterprise since the year 2010. I opened this business which consisted of selling stationery and printing services. We even expanded with a graphic design team that actively engaged in any design process from sketching till the very final installation. We introduced our first event in 2012, “Green your Screen” and it became a popular annual event hosted by “Jarir” every year in Aley.

Green your Screen is a photography competition which brings Lebanese photographers together with the challenge of taking photographs of all the diversely beautiful scenes that Lebanon has to offer. Our most recent achievement was accomplished last year, in 2019; we introduced “J production”, a sister company to Jarir.
J production consists of creative videos that comprise of all the beautiful scenery found in our country, Lebanon. These videos and photographs have reached a success and were displayed on popular Lebanese channels such as MTV, LBC and NewTv. We expanded so far as to work with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, Lebanese Red Cross and MEA.
We are looking forward to reach new milestones in the coming years with both our events and productions.
It is my pleasure to invite you to check my gallery shop, all the photographs there are offered with great prices and can be printed on a wide range of materials (frames, t-shirt, mugs, etc.), promising great quality, and safe delivery all over the world.
Stay tuned with my every day’s work on my Social Media Channels Facebook and YouTube.

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